Holiday decor

We have many ways of decorating your home for the holidays: Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, NYE and more! Find out which one works best for you and your family

can’t decide what you need?

There are a lot of choices in the design world, trust us, we know. But let us help you out! Listed below are the different design options that we offer when it comes to the holidays! Looks through, and see which one fits you best, and then when you go to answer our questionnaire, you’ll have a better idea about what you’re looking for this holiday season.

i need all new decor

Whether you have no holiday decorations what-so-ever, or you’re just tired of your hold decorations, no worries! We can help. You let us know what kind of decorations make you feel the most holiday joy, and we will go out and buy them for you, and put them up! We can do the entire holiday install in a day while you are gone- then you can return home to your new holiday wonderland!

i’m in love with what i have

If you’ve used the same decoration as your mom, and your mom’s mom, fear not. We would love to decorate your house with what you already have! We can decorate your house while you’re home, or we can send you out for the day and when you come back, your holiday decor will be up around your house for your enjoyment! All you need to do is supply the decorations, and we will do the rest!

a little bit of both, please

If you’re the type that loves your old decor, but you want to spruce it up a little bit, this is the section for you! We can use the decorations that you want to keep, and coordinate with the style when we go to buy your new decorations. We will be able to mix the old with the new seamlessly- let us know if you want us to set up your improved holiday decor while you’re home or away.


ready to get started?

Contact us and we can figure out exactly what kind of help you need, for any holiday in any season!

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