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Our Services

We begin our Staging process before your client is even ready to list. As soon as you’ve seen your client’s home, let us know and we can schedule a time for a Prelim Staging.

Then after that, we can determine what you client needs from us- whether that be an Empty Staging, a Remodel or just a couple of updated items to make their home sing.

Depending on the process, we will go through it step by step with you, and your client, making sure they are spending as little as possible to get as much as possible in return.

Then your clients get their home staged before photos and 3D Tours, and their gorgeous property will hit the market, and be sold in no time.


Prelim Staging

This is an hour-or-so appointment with your client before they get ready to list. We will walk through with them and tell them what to fix, what to touch up, what to “pre-pack” and get rid of, and what to keep. Then we can return for an Empty Staging or a regular Staging.


If your client needs some remodeling in their home to get it ready to sell, we are happy to help! We can help them select economically friendly options and install them in quick time using one of our many Contractor Teams.

Empty Staging

If your client is ready to move out before listing, no problem. We have an option for them to completely clear out of the house, and we will bring in furniture and decor to fill in what they took. This process is slightly longer than the typical staging process and includes fees for movers.


We will take notes on what we need to bring in order to compliment your clients’ homes. This could be art, decor, pillows, bedding and/or small furniture items. On staging day, we will bring them and stage for about an hour and prepare the home to look perfect for photos.

3D Tours

During the Pandemic, Kim added on 3D Tours as an option for Staging Services. It takes about an hour to two hours, depending on the size of the home, and will be conducting immediately after staging for the best results.