Your house might be absolutely gorgeous, but the truth is, we live different than we stage. Staging can be used in many different ways- it can help your house sell quicker, or it can show your home’s best assets to guests for a dinner party.

What is staging?

Staging is very fun part of interior design. It’s the tiny tweaking and particular placement of items that makes a space feel so aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re planning to sell your house or if your mother-in-law is coming to town, we can come through and stage your house to look picture perfect.

Are you a realtor?

Ask about our realtor prices! We would love to stage your clients’ homes before they go on the market.

Elements of Staging


In stagings, we love to use pops of color here and there. It really helps bring life and light to photographs and the the space as a whole- blue is one of our favorites

Clearing Clutter

In order to show off the space, it helps to clear all clutter (and not just trash, but extra accessories and trinkets, too) and to only use decor where it is needed

Spa Mode

Everyone loves the spa, right? Why not add a little bit of that feeling to your own bathroom? Adding towels and plants to your bathroom will take you to the spa, every day

Although there is always a little hesitation on the amount of work sellers need to put into their home before selling, when it comes together at staging, I guarantee that they will see the worth. The homes that we stage average from $10,00-$50,000 over asking price and sell within 2 months of the listing date.

“Our home looks amazing, thank you so much! You and your team are awesome. We appreciate you!”

Sean and Lorie Rielly (sold 25k over asking price)

Happy Stagings

“Thanks to Kim and her amazing staging, my sellers are thrilled with how their homes and pictures look!  I use KLo Home Designs for all my stagings and have A++ photographs thanks to her gentle approach with my sellers, fantastic style and attention to detail! I sell 50+ listings a year, almost all in 2 days and almost all over list price thanks to her staging decisions!”



-Kathy Loidolt, Flying Horse Realty

“Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you and your generous care for my mom. We are so grateful for all that you did.”

-Luke Urish (sold, 60k over asking price)


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